Energy is the fuel that drives the human body,s performance

1. Fuel the body
    Eat four to five smaller meals thougout the day, for breakfast and lunch eat some protein,it contains
    Tyrosine, which when converted turns into dopamine the alertness neurotransmitter. Dopamine helps         
    boost energy levels and concentration

2.Move Move 
   Physical activity keeps circulation pumping through the body, get up and move at least every 90 min.

3.Work in Waves
    The study of biological rhythms show we can concentrate high level thinking tasks for 90 - 120 min.
    Set your day to work in waves of  90 minutes to 2 hours followed by 5 to 15 minute brain break.

4. Recharge and Refresh
     Sustaining energy levels throughout the day actually starts the night before, with a deep restorative sleep.
     Aim for 7 - 8 hours sleep and conciously switch off 60 minutes before going to bed each night.